this is the way

weaving like thread under and through

hold its weight in your hands and wait for mouth

and let’s walk into the woods

and I’ll show you the light fall on tree limb and painted bark and iridescent insect crossing worlds the width of shoestring

dancing through cedar wind and wonder

wander I ponder

over a peanut butter and j

breathing beating heart this is the only way I feel animal to my human

like the unsleepable zipper of a two person tent

placed home for weeks in the north when river breathing erratic delight

and a grizzly could be royal

with pink next to our ears hidden under wool and fright and fur and how real this is

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Contributed By

Karen Cygnarowicz


Karen Cygnarowicz is a poet and artist currently working as a freelance editor and writer while studying her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. After a couple years living in Montpelier, Vermont, Karen and her boyfriend most recently traveled South East Asia and are moving towards their next adventure. She enjoys stories that capture character, poetry that embarks on the mountain of emotion, and films that really know how to use the sun.

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