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Layers Upon Layers

Dust to…

The ancient city of Rome has built and rebuilt itself time and time again. Saturated in ruins and restoration, today’s Roman’s live on the grounds of yesterday. Their culture, steeped in tradition, upholds a quality reminiscent of ancient grandeur.


Location: Capital of Italy’s Lazio Region.

Coordinates: 41°54′N 12°30′E

Population: 2,877,215

Saturated in ruins and restoration, today’s Roman’s live on the grounds of yesterday.

Eat + Drink



Fiaschetteria Beltramme – In Campo Marizo, a great place to stop for lunch in between visiting the area’s famous piazzas including San Lorenzo and Lucina.

Ditta Trinchetti  – In Trastevere, Order a bottle of wine and pasta, sit back and watch the passerby’s of Trastevere. Located on a small cobble stone street, the outdoor tables are old and slanted, enhancing the romance of a Roman afternoon spent in the cities oldest neighborhood, watching passerby’s gawk at the surrounding sites + architecture.

Mercato Centrale – Quite the smorgasbord located in Termini Train station, this market has an overwhelming array of options. From sushi to truffles, you can spend hours here sampling all sorts of yum. A little something (or a lot of something) for everyone.

Zia Rosetta – A very small salad / juice / sandwich shop in Monti. Rosetta is a typical roman bun used to make the sandwiches served here. These can be purchased as “minis” if you would like to try a few different types, or as a single large sandwich.



It’s only a matter of hours once you land in Rome until you hear the word “aperitivo”. Suggesting both a pre-dinner drink as well as a light pre-dinner snack, an aperitivo is intended to open the appetite and is ageless in desirability as the young and old indulge in the tradition of food + drink + socializing that the aperitivo offers.

Acceptable drinks include: Procecco, vermouth, Campari or Aperol, as all are said to kickstart digestion.

Food is meant to accompany the drink and ignite your appetite.

Many restaurants in Rome have expanded the traditional aperitivo into the apericena – the mid point between aperitivo + dinner.

During aperitivo / apericena time (post work, pre-dinner) many restaurants offer the whole experience for the cost of a single drink.

I really enjoyed LA ZANZARA – in Prati.

We sat outside, ordered an Aperol Spritz and enjoyed a wide variety of “bite-sized” snacks, ending with an order of quiet possibly the best tiramisu I had in Rome.

Great article explaining in depth the etiquette here.



Osteria Lasolfa – Typical Roman food in the neighborhood of Esquilino, not too far from the colosseum and within walking distance of Boutique B&B.

Bottega De Santis – Also in Esquilino, close to Museo Nazionale Degli and Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme as well as the Park Villa Wolkonsky. This area is not touristy and it’s restaurants are full of locals. Try the fish ravioli and aubergine starter.

 Temakinho – Brazilian Sushi in Monti with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. 

Vladimiro – Just around the corner from central Via Veneto, serving typical Roman food. Both elegant and historic, the pasta dishes are topnotch.

Stroll the Jewish Ghetto neighborhood and choose from a variety of restaurants serving fried artichoke.



Zuma – The rooftop of Fendi Palace in Via Del Corso, you know this bar is it’s full of fancy. Sit outside in the summer’s evening air and enjoy the sound of swirling ice and clinking glasses against the soft murmur of Italian. Appropriate attire is required.

Hotel Eden – 3 minutes from the Spanish Steps, Hotel Eden is worth at least a peak and perhaps a 25 euro cocktail depending on your budget. The downstairs lobby has a library / speakeasy esque bar with a fancy man in a fancy suit serving fancy drinks. The rooftop has offerings to match the view complete with famous Italian wines available by the glass. Best at sunset.

Cafe Propaganda – Amazing cocktails + atmosphere, very folk magazine. We went straight for their Old Fashions.

The Barber Shop – Dark walls, velvet couches, incredible craft cocktails. Warm soft floaty feeling of a proper speakeasy in the Monti neighborhood.

To Do



The Colosseum 

Roman Forum

Vatican / Vatican Museum / St. Peter’s Basilica

Fontana di Trevi 

Spanish Steps



Villa Borghese Gardens – Walk around the gardens and boat to the Temple of Asclepius, romantically surrounded by water.

Gianicolo – A very nice view over Rome, good for evenings or date nights.



Pastificio Cerere 

Tour Street Art 

MACRO Museum

Chiostro del Bramante



Micca Jazz Club – Retro vibe and late night dancing in Trevi.

Freni E Frizioni – Sit along the stone ledge just outside and soak in the night air + inspired conversation.



Nuovo Mercato Esquilino – Food.

Monti Urban Market – Vintage goods.



Pasticceria Regoli 




MAXXI Museum – For lovers of art and architecture.

Castel St. Angelo– Ancient castle full of fascination and history.



Trastevere – “Beyond the Tiber” in Latin, this neighborhood makes up part of the Tiber River’s west bank, south of Vatican City. Cobble stones wind through historic buildings drenched in ivy, rich in stories of the wealthy + poor of the ages. Narrow alleyways and muted piazzas conjure images of daily lives long forgotten yet still enriched in the same worn out stone.  

Lovely anytime of day, animated by bards and crowds at night.

Rione Monti – So hip. Full of novelty boutiques and restaurants, artists and musicians, continuously popping-up the next hip thing. The neighborhood has a unique bohemian vibe, the kind of vibe that is only possible when beach vibes are mixed with historic alleyways far from any sandy waters. We wandered through antique bookstores selling rare nude paintings, minimalistic and well curated home good boutiques, and sat in a designer’s studio on a leather sofa that used to belong to Mick Jagger. All in a short afternoon.



Relais Clivo Vaticano – Small boutique hotel just outside the Vatican walls. There is an outdoor hot tub and the courtyard is always quiet, with a guest only policy.

Boutique B&B – Two subway stops away from Termini train station, this B&B is a great landing pad in Rome. Each room has a different look + feel, the beds are big and comfy, and the showers are spacious. With 24 / 7 access to the kitchen, coffee and cookies, the stay feels more homey then hotely.






Hotel Eden, Rome

Hotel Eden, Rome

Hotel Eden, Rome

Zuma, Roma

Monti, Roma

Monti, Roma

Contributed By

Nicole Lindstrom

Nicole Lindstrom

Nicole Lindstrom is a writer and traveler based in New York City. She is the creator and editor of the online travel guide GLDMNE and co-author of Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide To Discovering Your Best Self.


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Just a scratch

The Red City

Mosques, palaces, gardens, snakes, charmers, camels, children, smells, cios, charm, serenity, souks, musicians, dancers, dirt and dust from the Berber Empire.

Marrakesh… Where to begin?

The day we arrived, travel worn and hot, was a haze of culture shock. Stepping from our car into the red heat, the city did not pause for a breath. Swirling bikes, cars, people, donkeys, sheep, fresh produce, rotting produce, perfume and shit.

“I’ll meet you at the gate.”

The owner of Riad Porte Royale led the way through ally ways and tunnels, eventually leading to a still and quiet wooden door in the never ending maze.

Inside, spiced coffee and msemen. Calm, cool, collected.

Location: The capital city of the mid-southwestern region of Marrakesh-Asfi, north of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains

Coordinates: 31°37′48″N 8°0′32″W

Population: 928,850 (prefecture-level city)

Swirling bikes, cars, people, donkeys, sheep, fresh produce, rotting produce, perfume and shit.

Marrakech, Morocco

Where to Eat



La Place Jemaa El FNA – public food stands, we go to the 81, in front of ARGANA CAFE. 
Authentique, simple food, buzzing ambience, sharing tables, from 5-15,-euros.

Cafe Des Epices – place de des epices / SOUKS. Small 3 floor trendy local café, nice for coffee or tea break and small snacks.

Chez Grouni – On the main square jemaa el fna next to CAFÉ DE FRANCE. Small authentique place with couscous+tajine, which has been there “forever”. Nice to sit on the ground floor balcony or on the roof terrasse, 5,- to 15,-.

Cafe de France / very top roof terrace – Although not very attractive at 1st sight, the CAFÉ DE FRANCE has a little gem, the top roof terrace, which offers the best view over the buzzing jma el fna square and supplies amazing sun set views over the koutoubia. Climb all the way up, and when you think, that’s it, there is another little staircase for one more level to go up. This is it!

Restaurant Nomad – the last creation of kamal laftimi, joining LE CAFÉ DES EPICES for more culinary pleasures and an authentic modern and inspiring design twist for interior lovers. Interesting menu and affordable prices on several floors with a big roof terrace and a splendid view over the buzzing spice square of the medina (to find opposite of CAFÉ DES EPICES, ask the staff for the entrance, which is hidden in a side alley).

Terrasse Des Epices -in the souks cherifa, managed by the ex-coowner of the CAFE DES EPICES, a bit tricky to find but ask for a guide from LE CAFÉ DES EPICES to take you there the first time. 
Lounge restaurant on a huge roof terrasse, cutting edge with authentic interior, lounge music, no alcohol, global mix and moroccan food, 10,- to 20,-euros, try the pastilla poulet.

Jardin Des Epice – near la TERRASSE DES EPICES in the area of souk cherifa, enormous riad designed by Anne Favier and Kamal Laftimi, all in tones of greens, interesting menu and lots of corners, shady spots or sunny terrasses to hang out and enjoy food, fresh juices and wine.

La Famille – 42 riad zitoun jdid, near the BAHIA PALACE, coming from there and heading straight into the souks towards the main square, on your right hand side. A little gem for a lunch break, open Wednesday – Sunday from 12.00-17.00, beautiful quiet garden and innovative little daily lunch combos, composed by Stefanie and her local kitchen crew, a true breath of air in the buzzing medina.

Le Fondouk – 10 min walk from the house, 55 souk hal fassi, kat bennahid, medina.
 Restaurant with beautiful roofterrasse, maroccan + global food, 25,- to 40,-euros with wine, insist on roof terrasse when making reservation.

Kosy Bar  – place des ferblantiers ( next to BAHIA PALACE and PALAIS BADII), 47 kzdria, medina. Roof terrase bar with view on the medina-wall and stork nests, serving alcohol, nice to chill after walking in the souks or for apero after before dining.

Le Tanjia – cosy downstairs lunge for drinks with impressive ambient lights and restaurant upstairs, events and musical breaks with belly dancers, serving alcohol, dinner from 20,- to 40,- euros.

Dar Cherifa – Medina, quarter MOUASSINE,
at 5 min from the main square jmaa el fna, culture and art expo with tea service on the roof terrasse, very chilled and beautiful place, worth stopping by in the afternoon, place closes at 19.00.



Cafe De La Poste – cafe-bar-restaurant with colonial marroccan french touch, french cuisine, nice also to go for rosé at apero time and profit from happy hour “petit four”, watching the buzzing of the new city around the new shopping center, 20,- to 35,-euros, serving alcohol.

Kechmara – cutting edge cafe and bar with 60style, roof terrasse with dj on friday night from 20.00 on.

La Mamounia  –  “best luxurious beautifully renovated hotel in town with 3 restaurants, gardens and pool. stop by for drinks or dinner, definitely worth catching a glimpse and have a walk around.

Loft – tel. +212524434216. Chilled out and cosy bistrot in colonial style, global contemporary menue, nice burgers, again in the same and uprising quarter, just down the street from KECHMARA. Address: 18 Rue de la Liberte, Gueliz 40000

Le Comptoir – ambient dinner with dj from midnight on, beautiful place with velvety moroccan ambiance and inner patio. ask for being seated in the main room on ground floor, belly dancer from 23.00 on, maroccan global food mix, serving alcohol, 20,- to 45,- euros.

Al Fassia Aguedal  – One of the best places for traditional delicious Moroccan kitchen, cooked by women only. Maybe not famous for its more local & traditional interiors, it still remains one of my favorites for authentic cooking. Indulge in the starter selection and try the lamb shoulder or the makfoul with caramelized tomatoes. Reservation is recommended. For menue prices count between 20,- to 35,- euros.

What To Do



For a chilled day out of town by the pool

Villa Beldi, country club spa and chill out place, to go for a drink or spend the day in the spa, next to OASIRIA. Very beautiful place.

Fellah Hotel

La Pause

Scarabeo Camp 

The Source

… and some fancy drinks & dinner at night.

Le Bo-Zin  – beautiful place with magnificent garden in asian-maroccan mixed style ( a bit jet-set, if you don’t mind), about 9km out of town, dinner around 40,- to 50,-euros, from there good start to go clubbing, jet set.



Les Bains De Marrakech – authentique hammam with spa and hammam ritual, very clean and beautiful spot for not too expensive (15,-euros per person), possibility for massage and pool to chill out after, reservation obligatory, best over internet (you will need your cc for a deposit).

Clarins Spa at Hotel Les Jardins De La Koutoubia 
the place is really worth seeing with its enormous black pool and katacomb ambience in sand colors with dimmed light and touch of red. spa access is 20,-euros, hammam ritual is 45,-euros, 1/2 formula with hammam, massage and facial is 130,-euros) go for the hammam access at 20,- or hammam ritual at 45,-, the place is an oasis of well being and peace.

Villa Beldi  – 1/2 day spa and lunch.



Bab El Khemiss – Local market and crafts place for pottery, ceramics, woodwork, metal work, but also an accumulation and curious mix of carpets, berber, local, french and 60’s/70’s design objects and furniture….for the adventurous soul which loves to stroll around and discover, a rough but treasurous local experience ;). Just grab a cab and ask the driver to leave you in front of the main entrance, then dive in and discover….

Cooking School with local Gemma  – For a local cooking experience, gemma offers cooking in a traditional Moroccan house after a visit of the local market to shop all ingredients, followed by preparing the meals and having a degustation with the team under banana leaf trees and sharing the traditional freshly made mint tea.



Le Pascha



Nikki Beach -Pool & party club open all day, for jet-setters who like to party in beach ambiance around a huge pool and sunbeds, with DJ, lunch and booze by the pool. Entry 300,- dirham (around 30,-euros) per person including sundbed for the day.



The Made-in Marrakech website gives a complete overview of all shopping addresses worth visiting in and around Marrakech.

Moustapha Blaoui – Tresor des Nomades, 142 rue Bab Doukakala, tel. 05243852 or 05243840

Miniboutique – 29 place ferblantier, near BAHIA PALACE, at 50mtrs from KOSY BAR…. cool ambiance and fun products around the alphabet, selected and customized souk items and leather bags.

33 Majorelle / Kechmania -33, Rue Yves Saint Laurent, 40000 Marrakech-gueliz. Design concept store,  interiors, objects, fashion, books, lifestyle, etc.



Koran School Medersa Ben Youssef

Musee De La Photographie

Bahia Palace


Majorelle Garden Yves St Laurent

Koutoubia + La Mamounia


Spice Market (La Mellah) / near Bahi Palace

L’ourika Valley




Acima (Gueliz) – 109 Bd Abdelkrim El Khattabi Gueliz, 40000 Marrakech (no alcohol).

Marjane – Route de Casablanca, Boulevard Allal Al Fassi, 40000 Marrakech (no alcohol).

Carrefour – Centre Commercial Almazar, Route de L’Ourika, 40000 Marrakech. If you need to buy alcohol or any other emergencies as beauty products etc, attention: alcohol section closes at 20.00.


Clinique International – Bab Ighli, Route Mhamid, 40000 Marrakech, tel.+212524376060

Fax.+212524444042, email:


For local transport, shuttle, minibus or day-excursions we are collaborating with SAMIR

RAKTRANSPORT, +212662358083, samir speaks English, French, Spanish and arabic.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco - Nomad Cafe

Marrakech, Morocco - Nomad Cafe

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

The Fallah Hotel - Marrakech, Morocco

The Fallah Hotel - Marrakech, Morocco

The Fallah Hotel - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Porte Royale - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Country Club - Marrakech, Morocco

Guide By

Nicole Francesca Manfron

Fashion Designer and Stylist Nicole lives and works between Amsterdam and Marrakech, where she bought a property during her travels to Morocco in 2001. Inspired by the country’s culture, colors and tradition of local artisan crafts she built and created her stunning home, Riad La Maison.
World traveler at an early age, with a nomadic soul and fluent in four languages, she believes in the richness and creative power of cultural fusion, reflected in her work and creation of her surrounds.

Intro + Photography By

Nicole Lindstrom

Nicole Lindstrom

Nicole Lindstrom is a writer and traveler based in New York City. She is the creator and editor of the online travel guide GLDMNE and co-author of Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide To Discovering Your Best Self.


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black sand beaches

20 minutes north of Seminyak, Canggu is a coastal stretch of black sand beaches including Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach, Nelayan Beach, Pererenan Beach, Selasih Beach, Seseh Beach and Mengening Beach. Fast development brings cafes, bars, artists and surfers. 

Location: South coast of Bali

Coordinates: 8.6478° S, 115.1385° E

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Where to Eat


Desa Seni – Eat here, stay here, do yoga here – it’s all good! For food, you get amazing meals featuring fresh and local organic food. They serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner and also offer cooking classes. Come for the day and sit by the salt water pool while you sip on fresh coconut water and order from their tasty menu.

Betelnut Cafe – A favourite for those staying in Canggu, this little cafe serves up hearty and healthy meals, smoothies and fresh juices. We loved their Jamu shot (fresh turmeric and lime).

Watercress Cafe – Delicious rustic food, breakfast is the best.

Biku – The place for tea in Bali, try the Chai.

Earth Cafe – Health food store and cafe, try the Indian plate.

Bungalow Cafe – Eclectic little cafe, juice/smoothie bar and shop, great place to chat with friends and have some nibbles and fresh juice.

The Kitchen Lab – Health food cafe at Samadi Bali that serves up vegetarian cuisine using local and fair trade ingredients for high vibe foods.

Bali Buddha – With more locations on the island now, this health food store and restaurant is a convenient place to pick up some picnic ingredients and head out on the scooter for the day or sit in and mingle amongst locals and travellers.

What to Do



Desa Seni – A range of yoga classes held everyday in one of their blissful open aired studios

Samadi Bali – Specializing in Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga and yoga for surfers



Deus Ex-Machina – Hangout, cafe, art gallery and shop for hand made surfboards, skateboards, custom motorcycles, clothes

Desa Seni Gifthsop – Nice collection of yoga clothes, malas, incense and more

Bali Buddha Shop and Cafe –  The health food shop and cafe carries superfoods, snacks, produce, fresh baked goods and organic beauty care



Berwawa Beach – A locals hang out, come here to watch the sunset, catch an early evening surf or take a sunset walking meditation

Uluwatu – Visit the beautiful seaside cliffs, the sea temple, and come surf on one of the breaks

Ulluwatu Surf Villas – Stay in the open aired Loft Apartment above the yoga studio and come for daily classes

Banjar hot springs – Sacred hot springs set amongst tropical vegetation

Tirta empul temple – A holy spring water temple where Balinese people go to purify the body, mind and spirit

Where to Stay


Desa Seni – Book a room in one of the unique Indonesian wood homes at this eco yoga retreat. Your stay includes unlimited yoga, the best organic breakfast, access to the beautiful grounds and salt water pool. We stayed here as part of our honeymoon and it was heaven.

Canggu Apartments – A range of modern contemporary apartments for short term and long term stays.

Samadi Bali – Immerse yourself in a tranquil yoga lifestyle at Samadi Bali – yoga, organic breakfast, acupuncture, massage.

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Canggu, Bali

Contributed By

Azulie Life

Alexander + Jennifer Suvajac

Alexander + Jennifer Suvajac – yogi designers and creators of Azulie Yogic Life, a contemporary evolution of yogic consciousness. Azulie is a source for yogic art, travel, photography, holistic nutrition and wellness. Join the journey


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Historic Streets

Rain in the summer

The streets of London are filled with hipsters, fashionistas, baby strollers, but most of all, history. Make a right turn and you run into the Big Ben. Make a left turn and you have Shakespeare’s Globe standing right in front you. Whichever path you take, you are bound to look at something that someone hundreds of years ago also saw in that same place.


Location: Near the Eastern coast of the England and divided by the Thames River, London made its settlement.

Coordinates: 51.5072° N, 0.1275° W

Population: 8.63 million

Whichever path you take, you are bound to look at something that someone hundreds of years ago also saw in that same place.

London, Underground

Where to Eat

For a crave of Italian food in a British environment, Foubert’s is the place to go. Try the Spaghetti Napoli and a side of bruschetta and you will be at heaven’s doorstep. Before you leave, ask for one of their homemade gelato’s.

When strolling through Picadilly Circus, make your way down Piccadilly Street where you will find restaurants and cafes lined up for you indulgence.

Start with an entrée salad at Caffe Concerto and if you want to try some fresh lobster, stay seated.

To finish up the night, walk a few doors down to the other Caffe Concerto and take a sip of their cappuccino.

For the best Gnocchi, go to 189 Piccadilly.

A healthy breakfast is a great start when you’re going to sightsee. Down to Earth offers a healthy variety of fruits, juices, and English breakfast.

What To Do

Take the tube, get off on Westminster and you will find yourself standing before the Big Ben.

The London Eye has become one of the landmarks of London so why not check it out.

Just follow the embankment of the Thames River and you will run into Shakespeare’s Globe. A place of history and theatre preserved in 21st century London.

Hatchard’s bookshop has been located on Piccadilly street since 1797 and it’s the ideal spot for bookworms.

If you’ve done your research on London, you may have seen the famous Portobello Road. Visit this road in Notting Hill on a Sunday and the street will be packed with pop up shops; like the farmer’s market.

Go to Hyde Park to take a stroll down the royal gardens of Kensington Palace and have a quiet picnic.





Contributed By

Kimberly Saldana

Kimberly Saldana

Kimberly Saldana is a freelance writer from sunny Southern California. Based in Long Beach, she explores the hidden coffee shops and restaurants that any visitor should check out. She is the creator of the blog, Belle En Rouge and of an online food guide on Instagram, Walking In SoCal. On the side, she contributes to the website, Townske.


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bagels and booze

all day

Piazza Monte Grappa, 1
Rome, Italy

06 3212 0073




Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Hausgarten, Rome

Contributed By


Nicole Lindstrom

Nicole Lindstrom is a writer and traveler based in New York City. She is the creator and editor of the online travel guide GLDMNE and co-author of Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide To Discovering Your Best Self.


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The Capital of Vermont

The capital of the green mountain state serves as both a professional hub and a home to an eclectic mix of Vermonters and travelers slowly passing through. It is important to note that what-to-do and where-to-eat could fall under the same category. Montpelier is a hidden gem for local food, good work, and quiet spaces. A visiting friend once commented on its easy-going nature: “This place appears like the kind of idyllic New England town where everyone is a writer and sits in front of a fireplace all day.” Don’t let the peaceful pocket fool those peering from around the mountains; it is true there are artists in bloom on top of the hill. And by night, winter or summer, this town is not sleepy. Montpelierites of Montpeculiar really know how to dance.



Location: The north central-area of Vermont, surrounded by hills and granite ledges, just east of the Green Mountains.

Coordinates: 44°15’N, 72°34’W

Population: 7,855 

“This place appears like the kind of idyllic New England town where everyone is a writer and sits in front of a fireplace all day.”

Montpelier 1

Montp 7

Montp 8

Where to Eat + Drink

Start with a coffee at Capitol Grounds.

For breakfast or a weekend afternoon retreat, enjoy the casual and sweet atmosphere of The Skinny Pancake, with live cafe music on some nights.

Tea, pillows on the floor, and vegetarian love at Tulsa Tea Room.

Sweet Melissa’s has live music every night. Open Mic on Tuesday’s. You really get to see Montpelier’s finest. Charlie-O’s, a cash dive bar, if you’re up for it. Neither bar has a website, that’s how good they are.

Beer craft joy at Three Penny.

Mad Taco, always.

Right outside of town, Red Hen Bakery is a delight. If you find yourself in these neck of the woods, visit Mud, the pottery studio next door.

And if it happens to be a Thursday, stay for chocolate bacon night with live music at Nutty Steph’s, a granola shop and bar.

What to Do

Wander the Farmer’s Market outside every weekend in the summer months and toss back a shot of gin at 10am at the indoor winter market.

Get outside. There are stunning quarries beyond a walk through the fields of Sabin’s Pasture. Otherwise the neighborhoods are visionary and quaint at the same time.

Find retreat in a meditation class at Yoga Mountain.

Visit Bear Pond Books.

Pay a worthy visit to the co-op.

Shop local downtown. Did you know Montpelier is the only capital in the USA that does not have a McDonalds?

Catch an independent movie available at The Savoy. Wine is served and there are couches.

Dance at Sweet Melissa’s, or Positive Pie.

Sit in on a reading by a visiting writer at Vermont College of Fine Arts, or reflect on student work in their elegant gallery. Heck, sign up for one of their low-residency graduate programs and keep returning.

Where to Stay


Montp 3

Montp 4

Montp 1

montpelier 4

Contributed By

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Karen Cygnarowicz

Karen Cygnarowicz is a poet and artist currently working as a freelance editor and writer while studying her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. After a couple years living in Montpelier, Vermont, Karen and her boyfriend most recently traveled South East Asia and are moving towards their next adventure. She enjoys stories that capture character, poetry that embarks on the mountain of emotion, and films that really know how to use the sun. Visit her online portfolio here.