Nicole Lindstrom

Nicole Lindstrom

Writer + Editor

Nicole Lindstrom is a writer and traveler based in New York City. She is the creator and editor of the online travel guide GLDMNE and co-author of Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi's Guide To Discovering Your Best Self.

Sasha Juliard

Sasha Juliard


Sasha Juliard is a freelance travel photographer who has been on the road for nearly a decade. He co-founded TUK Watches, a purpose driven watch company with the mission of spreading access to clean and safe drinking water through Cambodia.

gale she explores

Gale Straub


Gale Straub is currently traveling North America in a Sprinter Van with her boyfriend. She loves landscape and doesn’t believe you need to travel the country to see something new every single day. En Route, she started She-Explores, a website for inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides.

Alexander + Jennifer Suvajac

Azulie Yogic Life

Alexander + Jennifer Suvajac – yogi designers and creators of Azulie Yogic Life, a contemporary evolution of yogic consciousness. Azulie is a source for yogic art, travel, photography, holistic nutrition and wellness.

Matthew Payne

Matthew Payne

Teacher + Photographer

Matthew is a freelance photographer. He has recently left his job as an elementary school teacher behind to explore South America in a 4x4. He prefers journeys over their destination and adventures once something goes wrong.

Dana Jensen

Dana Jensen

Event Producer + Lifestyle Photographer + Graphic Designer

Dana Jensen is an event producer, lifestyle photographer, and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She lives passionately, constantly seeking adventure.

Goa Contributor

Ashley Walch

Designer + Writer + Cinematographer

Ashley Walch is a designer, writer and cinematographer sharing her time between Brooklyn, Mumbai, and Goa. She is the owner of Esther Design house, currently working with artisans in rural Rajasthan and is co-founder of Paper Tiger Films. A skilled sidestepper of open storm drains and advocate for cities with little or no personal space, she’s happiest when creating things and sharing conversations in unusual places.

Adam McKibben + Chloe O'Neill

Photographers + Writers + Explorers

Adam McKibben is a climber, explorer and photographer as well as the brand manager of Thirst Relief International, a non-profit that is passionate about changing the world through clean water. Chloe O’Neill is a writer, explorer, and full time Lyme warrior, as well as the founder of More Than Lyme: a community designed to bring people together, share stories, and raise awareness of Lyme disease, one adventure at a time.

Karen Cygnarowicz

Poetry + Art

Karen Cygnarowicz is a poet and artist currently working as a freelance editor and writer while studying her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. After a couple years living in Montpelier, Vermont, Karen and her boyfriend most recently traveled South East Asia and are moving towards their next adventure. She enjoys stories that capture character, poetry that embarks on the mountain of emotion, and films that really know how to use the sun. Visit her online portfolio here,