Up North

A Thai Mountain Town

Mist soaked mornings and golden afternoons capture the beauty of the Northern Thai landscape. Pai, encompassed by both a relentless span of mountains and never ending sea of green, epitomizes all the area has to offer in both scenery and culture. Locals and travelers alike warn against Pai’s rise in popularity and party scene but the town itself is diverse and attracts a wide array of interests. For the health oriented, Pai’s organic cafe’s, waterfalls, music and art make it an enriching destination. For the remote workers, Pai offers all the comforts of the west with unparalleled views at an unbeatable price.


Location: 50 miles north of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province.

Coordinates: 19°21′32″N 98°26′12″E

Population: 3,000

Mornings in Pai are quiet. A thick fog smoothers the town and slowly fades from the mountainous surroundings as the sun rises higher in the sky.



What to Do


Hike to the Hau Chang Waterfall

Visit the Pam Bok waterfall and stop in for lunch at Land Crack

Explore Tham Lod Cave

See the White Buddha

Visit the Moon Village

Take a dip in the hot springs

Get homemade italian bread at Natural Mystic

Drink coffee at Cafecito

Eat breakfast or dinner at Om Cafe

Try the chef board at Rivere Siam

Rent a scooter and drive to Mae Hong Son

Eat veggies and spring rolls at the night market

Wake up early and go for a walk

Where to Stay


Piece of Pai


Pai, Thailand


Pai, Thailand



Earth Tone, Pai, Thailand



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