Wien’s Court

A day’s stroll

Entering through the western gate, one cannot fathom the sheer size of Schönbrunn. Gardens stretch across spans of timeless space leading to fountains, sculptures, mazes and columbariums; each horizon holds a different, meticulously planned view. The baroque palace of rococo and bohemian influence meld 300 years of imperial living within 1,441 rooms with a grandeur of craftsmanship only attributed to masters of the time. Both humbling and inspiring, Schönbrunn Palace is a day’s morning and afternoon of awe and splendor.

We walked and walked and walked. We walked through the enchantment of the park, the Palm House, the Gloriette and the zoo. We admired the splendid Bergl Rooms, we strolled through the labyrinth. And still, we caught only a glimpse.

Palace, Vienna, Austria




Palace, Vienna, Austria

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