More Than Glimmering Gold



GLDMNE was conceived from a moment’s inspiration walking through an old bookstore in Nicaragua. Used books toppled over themselves, falling into disheveled stacks on tables and benches, stools and chairs. Choosing one and blowing dust sparkling into morning light, “This.” I thought, “This is a true goldmine.”

The word “goldmine” is a noun defined by Webster’s Dictionary as, “a rich and plentiful source of something desired.”

In that moment the light switch flipped. What we continuously seek, time and time again, is not wealth in gold, but wealth in knowledge. In insight, in inspiration and in wisdom.

Words hold the key, the act of placing one in front of the other to form cohesive sentences of thoughts and ideas.

GLDMNE is a home for gained insight, deep wisdom, and discoveries from worldly explorations. Created by one traveler for another, GLDMNE is a place for knowledge of places once visited and inspiration for places to go, in hopes the light will spark and further journeys will ignite.