To Alaska

drifting like stardust

seamlessly along
snow falling on my tongue
how can everything and nothing be the same thing
all I wanted to do was go for a drive

talk talk
like steering wheel ears

I remember the nights I dreamed into holding your words with their own pillow
with their own fitted sheet

layer sheet

whether you believe in it or not

and a handmade quilt I made for each day
we never had together
because I understand and I get you and those words felt like brick

and fought
after all

there is nothing quite like the building inside ourselves

I fell in love with you that time we met

can you believe it

can you hear me
like snow resting
like the stars live in
almost like drift


Contributed By

Karen Cygnarowicz


Karen Cygnarowicz is a poet and artist currently working as a freelance editor and writer while studying her MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. After a couple years living in Montpelier, Vermont, Karen and her boyfriend most recently traveled South East Asia and are moving towards their next adventure. She enjoys stories that capture character, poetry that embarks on the mountain of emotion, and films that really know how to use the sun.

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